Five Benefits of DermaPen Treatment

As we grow older, so does our skin. This makes the skin loose. Certain conditions such as sunburns and other types of skin diseases can cause abnormalities in our skin growth. Also, these conditions may result in deep scars and bruises in our skin that cannot heal on their own.

That is why the Dermapen micro-needling instrument was invented.

What is dermapen? The instrument has a needle tip that helps to rectify skin abnormalities. It triggers the production of collagen in the skin that feels the deep scurs and helps in healing.

If you are suffering from any type of skin issue, you should seek the necessary help from a specialist with this instrument. The following are a few benefits of the Dermapen micro-needling pen.

Advantages of Dermapen micro-needling pen

  • Eliminates stretch marks

Almost everyone hates the existence of stretch marks on their bodies. Stretch marks can occur due to old age or after giving birth. Fortunately, Dermapen instruments can assist to reduce stretch marks and people will not even notice their existence. This will give you the confidence to wear all kinds of fashionable clothes and walk around.

  • Reduce wrinkles on the face

Wrinkles are also a result of aging and frequent exposure to extreme sunlight. Wrinkles will erode the confidence to appear before people because it forms right in the face, where you cannot hide them under clothes or objects. Thus, if you still want to maintain your cool as when you were a teenager, then you can make use of the Dermapen micro-needling tool. It gives your face a fresh and young look.

  • Improve skin texture

Some certain types of skin diseases make your skin have a rough texture due to the development of minute pimples on your skin. This can greatly impact your love relationship because your partner may be scared to touch you. You can solve this using Dermapen treatment. It helps to eliminate the skin pimples and give your skin a smooth texture.

  • Improve skin products absorption

There are many kinds of skincare products that exist in the market. However, they are not of any help if your skin cannot properly absorb the products. You will end up wasting your money, time, and effort to care for your skin, but to no avail, the Dermapen micro-needling procedure can help to improve your skin absorption and ensure that the skincare products are effectively utilised.

  • Minimise skin pores

Large skin pores can also be a cause of concern for many as they may easily permit pathogens that can result in deadly skin diseases. Wide skin pores can also be a problem, especially in cold conditions as it may expose the internal organs to cold and result in complications. A Dermapen instrument can help to minimise the size of skin pores and eliminate all the speculations.

How to use Dermapen instrument

Dermapen micro-needling instruments are a bit technical and can only be operated by a qualified professional. A professional understands the right amount of power to apply to achieve the desired result. He can also advise you on other skincare solutions that can complement the Dermapen procedure. So if you were thinking of purchasing the Dermapen and using it yourself at your home, then you are risking destroying your skin and general body health. Always visit the dermatologist to get proper pieces of advice and treatment after careful diagnosis.


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