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Reasons for Working with an Aged Care Consultant

It’s never a walk in the park for anyone placing an elderly loved one in the care of a residential aged care facility. You would want the moving process of a spouse, parents, siblings, or grandparents to be smooth and stress-free.

Deciding to place a loved one in an aged facility is an emotionally-draining experience for anyone. Making the moving process seamless needs help from a reputable aged care consultant.

The professional assistance provided by a reputable aged care consultant helps you in dealing with aged facility issues such as the right fit, location, vacancies, affordability, and eligibility. The process becomes less painful with the able assistance of an aged care consultant.


The reasons for working with an aged consultant include:


They offer professional support for guilty feelings

Your emotions do not stop when you have chosen the right aged care home for your loved one. Moving a loved one into an aged home will make you feel guilty. And one of the toughest emotions to manage is guilt.

The professional support coming from an aged consultant helps to manage feelings of guilt. Social support and counselling as well as assisting with negative beliefs are coping skills provided by an aged consultant.


They are your advocate and professional guide

The costs involved in addition to finding the best aged care facility are the pressures you have to deal with. Long-term regret and ramifications are easily possible when you make rash decisions.

Consulting with an aged care consultant serves as your guide through the entire process of placement, from service requirements, to costs, and current situation. Opting to work with the consultant enables her to act on your behalf in completing all necessary entry applications up to attending inspections at potential aged care facilities.


They do regular checks on your loved ones

Regularly checking on loved ones allows them to adjust to an unfamiliar setting. Your hectic schedules may hinder you from making regular checks on your loved one. Hiring a consultant to do regular and routine checks on your loved ones not only tells them how deeply you care for them – it also makes you feel less guilty.


They help in resolving family disputes

Honest conversations and preparations about the needs of a loved one are often neglected by family members. The divided opinions and beliefs among family members are quite natural, given the life-changing decision of placing a loved one in an aged home.

Family conflicts can become the situation in settings like this. An unbiased and independent service provided by an aged consultant helps to diffuse conflicts. A conflict resolution is created by a professional aged consultant after exploring talks with family members.


They help with assessments

Older and frail people have to be assessed by the ACATS or the Aged Care Assessment Teams. The aged relative can only be granted admission to an aged care home after he/she has been physically, medically, culturally, socially, and psychologically assessed by the ACATS.

The assessment is to determine if an elderly person qualifies for the proper levels of assisted government-funded support to cover the costs of aged care.

Assessment is a tedious and complex process that needs professional help from an aged consultant. Applying for subsidised care also needs their help in obtaining an assessment of assets.

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