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Undergoing bulging disc therapy

Bulging disc is a result of the spinal cord becoming compressed. One can feel excruciating pain and it can also hinder their mobility. These are often associated with age-related degeneration of the spinal cord. There are several treatment options which are short term and as well as long term suggested by doctors.


The causes of a bulging disk

A bulging disc occurs when the discs between the bones of the spine become compressed and start to bulge out. The spine is made up of interlocking bones known as the vertebrae. These in turn help support the spine and enable movement. Between each vertebrae is a soft tissue which is known as the spinal disc which prevents the bones from rubbing against one another these in turn act like shock absorbers so as to prevent any sudden damage during the movement.

The disc comprise of a gel which usually starts to decrease as the age. This becomes compressed and starts pushing out making the disc bulge. When the disc makes a contact with the nerve it can trigger a certain sharp pain. When the outer layer of the disc breaks down it can lead to a herniated disc which is also known as a ruptured or slipped disc. What actually happens is that the gel leaks out through the tear in the discs exterior wall.

A bulging disc can seriously hamper a person’s mobility. It can limit the daily functioning and also have a negative impact on their quality of life. Eventually it can lead to a feeling of weakness or numbness in the legs and poor bladder control.

The symptoms of a bulging disk depends upon its location in the spine along with the severity of the condition. Usually people experience no pain in the beginning but as the spine begins to degenerate a person might have symptoms like back pain and back muscle spasms. They may start feeling a weakness and numbness in their legs which can lead to reduced mobility. Eventually they might close the control over their bladder and might have difficulty working and have poor coordination.

The pain from the bulging disc can radiate to different parts of the body such as the arms and the upper back. Usually it is a result of the reduction of gel present in the center of the disc. When there is less gel it might cause the disc to become compressed and start to bulge. Usually the spinal disc starts to wear off over time. This could be a result of aging but if someone has been in a car accident it could result in a spinal injury and might lead to a bulging disc.

Bulging disc treatment

The treatment for bulging disc can depend upon a number of factors. Usually the first step is that your general physician would recommend an anti-inflammatory medication to help with the pain and reduce swelling. People who have severe pain might need to rely on steroid injections but these are only a temporary solution. On the other hand if somebody faces mobility issues, they might be advised complete bed rest. Sometimes the condition is so server that it seriously helpers a person’s quality of life and the doctor might have to perform surgery to improve the mobility.

For more information on treating a bulging disc, you can also refer to your chiropractor.

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